cynfuldax asked:

A guildie of mine recommended you for goblin art. I have never commissioned art for my characters and been considering getting one done for my gob! Was wondering After looking through your work, which is amazing I must say, I was wondering if you could give me some info. How much you ask for. What kind of info you need. And of course, if you are currently open to commissions!

I haven’t opened commissions in a very long time, but as it seems people are still interested in them I decided to give it another shot. You can find the commission info here.



Reopening commissions again, but due to a full-time job and time constraints it will be busts only I’m afraid.

Commission Rules:

- Send me an Ask to reserve a slot.

- Reference pictures of your characters to be sent via e-mail to Please don’t forget to include your username/name so that I know who is it is.

- Payment to be sent via Paypal only. If you have any questions about currency conversion please use a currency converter from Google as rates change day to day. (Paypal has a function to convert any currency to Euros for those concerned)

- Will draw characters from ANY game (not just Wildstar)/ANY OCs provided they are not protected by copyright. Just give me enough reference pics. You can include a short description of their personality if you think it will help.

- Once I agree to your commission, payment is to be made up-front before I begin work on the picture.

To make sure the pose/character is satisfactory I will send you a rough sketch before finalizing the lineart and colours. Any changes after this point may cost extra!

I will send the full-sized, un-watermarked version of the picture to your e-mail when the commission is complete (A4 at 300 pixels/inch; approximately 2490x3508 pixels).

I try to maintain a quick turnaround time for all of my commissions. However, Real Life does like to kick me in the ovaries sometimes. When this happens, I kindly request a little patience.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to Ask.

Reblogging here, because I will also draw WoW toons!